The Eiderdown Duvet

Why The Eiderdown Duvet is So Fantastic

In the world of down duvets and pillows, there is nothing that compares to the down harvested from the Eider Duck.

The Common Eider Duck as it is called is a large, migratory sea duck.  While most ducks live inland, the Common Eider is found on the coasts from Northern Massachusetts all the way to Northern Russia.

The Female Eider Duck at The Great Canadian Down CompanyThere are different breeds of the Common Eider Duck and while they may stretch across such a wide region there are only small areas that produce commercially viable Eiderdown that goes into a duvet or pillow.  85-90% of Eiderdown comes from Iceland where they have been harvesting the luxury down of the Eider Duck for thousands of years.

The more luxurious 10-15% of the Eiderdown harvest comes from Quebec, Canada where the tradition is over 300 years old.  And it is the only place in the world where we source our luxury eiderdown for our duvets and pillows.

The first French settlers who came to "New France" were so overwhelmed by the harsh, Canadian winter they looked to the Amerindians of the Lower North Shore of the St. Lawrence river who sold them eiderdown to stay warm.

Eiderdown is the worlds most effective insulation.  While synthetic options like Primaloft have come close (but are not yet equal to) other goose down, Eiderdown is the most luxurious natural insulator world wide.  Nothing can beat it.

How Eiderdown Has Become The Most Luxurious Down Insulator Worldwide

Over thousands of years, the Eider Duck has evolved to protect itself from the harsh Canadian winters which lasts much of the year.  Come nesting season, the Eider females will pluck the feathers and down from their breast exposing what is called the "brood" patch.  This patch of skin is full of blood vessels and is the warmest patch on the female.  When her eggs are in the nest, she lines the next with her down feathers and  she nuzzles up to the eggs with the exposed brood patch to keep the eggs warm.

While most wild ducks and geese will go through the same process of plucking their own feathers to line their nest, their mix of feathers and down has no "cling" and very limited insulating properties and therefore no commercial value.  The Common Eider Duck is a very unique exception as it's down has incredible cling that gives it exceptional compressibility and insulating prowess. 

Why is cling important in a duvet?  

To the Eider Duck the millions of filaments that make up her down keep the down that lines her nest from being blown away in the harsh Canadian winter.  But to the consumer who invests in one of our Eiderdown duvets, the cling keeps the down uniform in each baffle of the duvet.  This provides a uniform insulation maximizing the performance of the duvet.

Why Is Compressibility Important In A Duvet?

Compressibility is the performance killer of down.  If you compress a down filament it loses it's ability to trap air which is what creates the insulating qualities.  When down is resilient to being compressed it maintains its ability to trap air.  For the new Eider Ducks in their eggs it helps keep them warm as they are nestled up against the brood patch of their mom.  For the person smart enough to invest in an Eiderdown duvet?  It guarantees the most consistent insulation while you sleep no matter what environment you sleep in.

Why Is Eiderdown So Different From Other Down?

Having a small mix of feathers within down is acceptable in the industry due to the processing of the down and feather mix.  Without hand sorting, it is impossible to have 100% down within a duvet.  With the exception of the Eiderdown from the Eider Duck.

With Eiderdown, the down is completely free of feathers.  This is due to the way the female Eider duck plucks it's breast.  It only plucks the down and uses it to line the nest.  The feathers of the Eider Duck blow away in the wind.

  • As I mentioned above, the exceptional cling of the Eider down allows it to grab to one another that will allow it to completely fill the baffle box without leaving gaps or spaces which allow body heat to escape.
  • The exceptional compressibility of eider down allows it to be compressed over and over again yet it will still revert back to its original shape and most importantly, it's volume.  By maintaining it's volume the Eiderdown loft value will be retained for a very very long time.
  • There is no synthetic material in the world that can match the natural cling or compressibility of Eider down (or other high-quality down for that matter).  Eiderdown is the most breathable insulator in the world which allows body moisture to escape through the down.  You've never seen a sweaty duck now have you?

Why Does Eider Down Have a Lower Fill Power (Loft) Compared To Other Down?

At only 700+ loft it might seem simple to think that our Imperial Eiderdown Duvet might be of lesser quality than, let's say, our 1000 loft Polish Goose Down Duvet or our Winterberg 800 Loft, or even our Wild Canadian 700+ Goose Down Duvet which is the same loft rating but considerably less expensive.

In the case of Eider Down, while it's loft rating my be only 700+, it's high cling and tremendous compressibiity easily make it outperform down of higher loft ratings. We are able to create a duvet that is lighter than most other goose down duvets on the market.

Who Should Own An Eider Down Duvet?

The Eider Down Duvet has historically been reserved for the client who truly understands the best of the best and wants it for him or herself.  Over the years Eider down duvets have been produced for the high-end markets in Japan and China as well as the Northern European market as well as to our clients in North America.  It is truly an heirloom purchase that will last typically longer than the purchaser.  When cared for properly the down of one duvet can be reused into a new casing.

Your Next Steps

If you value a truly luxurious experience and are ready to take the next step, we would like to lead you to our two options for this incredible Eider Down Duvet.  May I suggest you invest in our:

Imperial Eiderdown Duvet with Egyptian Cotton Ticking

...or for those looking for a truly imperial experienc, our:

Imperial Eiderdown Duvet with Silk Jacquard Ticking

For our luxury hotel clients world wide who may need a large number or duvets, or a custom size of duvet, we are happy to accommodate those requests. Please go to our Contact Page to contact us directly.  We look forward to having you as part of the Great Canadian Down Company family.