Quinn's String Art Shop

Michelle and I feel it is so important to teach entrepreneurial skills to your kids.  As technology accelerates who knows where the "j.o.b." world will take them in the future.

So when our son Quinn asked us if he could start an online business to help pay for his Jr. High School tuition for a new school he wants to attend next year we replied with a resounding "yes!" (I'm not sure about you but when your kid offers to contribute to his tuition you don't say "no"!)

That's what this page is all about.

Quinn looked online and found "string art" that he thought was really cool and something that he could do.  He decided on the product, the materials, and all the labor involved to put these things together.  And he even came up with a charity that he could support from the proceeds as well.  A win-win-win if we've ever heard of one!

So what is string art?  Well as you'll see in the photos to follow, it involves taking a favorite logo or image and recreating it three-dimensionally on a wood board with silver nails and colorful string.  This takes a normal logo and turns it into a work of art. 

A client can choose any logo that they like.  Maybe a College logo or a team logo.  Quinn started with his camp logo from Camp Dudley, which is a place near and dear to his heart and where a portion of the proceeds from all sales will go.

So here's how it works:

Step 1.  You choose your favorite logo and Quinn will do a string art version on a 18"x20" piece of pine.  Quinn heads to the hardware and craft stores and buys the raw material.  He then takes it home and sands all of the edges for a smooth finish.

Step 2.  Quinn stains the board in your choice of a dark brown background or a light grey background.  The stain first goes on with a cloth (and Quinn's protective pink gloves of course).

Quinn applying the first coat of stain.

Step 3.  He then applies several protective layers of Varathane for a beautiful durable finish.

Quinn applying the second coat of stain.

Step 4.  Quinn takes your logo image and makes a rendering that is proportionate to the board.  He then nails over a hundred nails into the piece creating the outline of the logo. (Quinn says it feels more like a thousand nails when he's done!)

Each nail is hammered in and then straightened.

Step 5.  Quinn then strings up your logo!

Quinn strings up the art ensuring a great design.

Step 6.  Your order is wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped to your home ready to be placed in your home or office. There is even a fancy hook on the back for quick hanging.  He has thought of everything.

Step 7.  To order yours today, please click here and you will be taken to the product page to learn more.