So You Need a Double Sized Feather Bed.

Great!  So you need a Double Sized Feather Bed for your bed.  

The next question I would ask you is, "What would you like to invest in your featherbed?"

See, a more luxurious featherbed has more of the fun stuff in it.  More down, less feather.  More love.  More plush.  And that typically involves a higher price point.

Now that doesn't mean that you need to spend more.  Many of our clients are perfectly happy on our Columbia Feather Bed as they are on our Jasper or our Athabasca.  It really comes down to what you'd like to invest in your bed.

So for a Double, here are your three options at today's pricing:

Note: If you are on a mobile device please turn it sideways to view pricing:

Moraine Feather Bed
Double Size
$464 CDN$

Jasper Feather Bed

Double Size
$670 CDN$
Athabasca Feather BedDouble  Double Size $2084 CDN$