Our Guarantees

Lifetime Guarantee: 

We are the only company to offer a Lifetime Warranty on fabric and workmanship.

Your duvet and pillow purchase is guaranteed against any defects in fabric or workmanship, for life. We believe that the fabric and the stitching that keeps that fabric sewn together should last...well...forever.  There is no reason, outside of client abuse, that this should happen. But in the rare occasion that it does we want you to know that you are covered.

Due to the nature of this natural product we are NOT able to guarantee the performance of the down over many years.  However, we do have a warmth guarantee on our Winter Weight duvets so please check that guarantee out on this page.

Down Proof:

Inferior department store duvets are made with very cheap cotton.  Their cotton begins with a very short "staple" which is unable to be woven tightly enough to be "calendered" properly.  That is why department store duvets tend to leave you in a cloud of down plumules when you change your duvet cover.

Our Great Canadian Down Company Duvet and Pillow Ticking is properly calendared not to leak down.  In addition the edges of the duvet are stitched so tightly that down and small feathers should not leak. 

If you have a dark duvet you may see small down fibers or feathers on the duvet.  This may just be a result of the workroom and should go away.  But if you notice that this goes on for a while then let us know.  We will ask you to send us a photo and we will then start the exchange process for a similar duvet.

Dust Mite Proof:

Our duvets and pillows are encased in German ticking (fabric) that is woven so tightly that dust mites are unable to penetrate into the filling.  Many people suffer from dust mite allergies but you can rest assured that you will never have that problem with a duvet or pillow from The Great Canadian Down company.

The “Your Perfect Pillow” Guarantee:

We want you to know that if your pillow is not quite perfect that you can make it so!  Purchase your pillow today and use it up to a full year.  If you decide you’d like a little more firmness, or a little less, just mail it to us and we will gladly add or remove down for you.  

If we add down we will only ask you to pay the cost of the additional down.  We will provide the labor to add the new down minus your shipping cost to send the duvet back by ground shipping transportation.  We will also cover the shipping to send it back to you.

Winter Weight Guarantee:

Roughly 2% of our clients purchase a Winter Weight duvet.  95% of our clients choose Classic Weight duvets.  That being said, sometimes a client buys a Classic but is in a cold enough environment that they realize they need a Winter Weight.  If they do, we guarantee that the Winter Weight duvet will be warm enough.

If you purchase a Winter Weight duvet and find that you are still not warm enough, please contact us via email and we will give you an RA# to help process the return. All Great Canadian Down Company labels must be on the duvet and it must have been used with a duvet cover at all times and properly protected.  The duvet can not show signs of washing which may have destroyed the loft of the down.  If we deem the duvet has not been properly cared for the return will not be valid.  We also reserve the right to reject any duvets shipped back to us without an RA# clearly listed on the package.