How To Choose The Right Duvet

So you're looking for the best duvet you have ever owned and one that's going to last so long you're going to leave it to your kids?'re in the right place.

If you've read a bit of this website, you know that our goal is to provide you with the best duvets and pillows at a price point that you can afford no matter what that price point may be.

The duvets that you find here have been put in luxury yachts and in guest bedrooms where you really hope the guests don't stay so long.  We get it.

Rest assured, that with every duvet on this site you are getting the absolute best no matter what the price point.  Every one of our duvets comes with all of our guarantees.  It's that simple.

If We Met Face To Face

What Size Bed Do You Have?

I would start by asking you...what size duvet do you need?  What size bed do you have?

If you have a queen bed, then we'd pick a Queen duvet.  If there are two people in that bed, or you'd like it to hang a little bit longer on the bed we might talk about a Super Queen size.

If you'd like to sleep Scandanavian then we'd talk about two Twin duvets for your bed instead of one duvet.

What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?

Now is where we get a little more personal.

Are you a warm sleeper or a cool sleeper?  Do you sleep with the room hot or the room cold?

These questions determine what weight of duvet do you will need.

Do you have two people under the duvet and one person is hotter than the other?  Then a Dual-Zone duvet would do the trick.  

95% of our clients sleep with a Classic weight duvet.  If you order a Classic Weight but you find it is too cool for you just send it back to us and we will add down to make it a Winter weight duvet.  We will just charge you for the additional down.

But let's say you're in that 5% that is either really cold at night or really warm.  For the cold sleepers a Winter weight duvet is the answer and it is fully guaranteed to be warm enough for you.

If you are a hot sleeper then a Summer weight duvet would be your choice.

Remember, we can always add down to a duvet but we can't remove down.  That's just impossible. But as I said, 95% of our clients choose a Classic and they are more than satisfied.

What Would You Like To Invest In Your Duvet?

A purchase that lasts a short while is an expense.  Something that's going to last you an incredibly long while is an investment.

This duvet purchase is an investment.

Seriously.  You're going to travel with this thing.  You're going to move houses and take it on road trips.  You're going to put it in your carry on and people will think you're crazy when you tear off that nasty hotel comforter on your next business trip and pull out your Great Canadian Down Company duvet.

You will have this duvet for so long that you will gift it to your kids.

So with that being the understanding, how much would you invest in something you're going to have for a really long time?

Well the answer to that question will determine which duvet you invest in.

People often ask,

What's The Difference Between All Of Your Duvets?

Well the first answer is luxury.  Typically, there is more loft to the down. More love.  

The second answer is "comfort zone".

What is Comfort Zone?

Well Comfort Zone is a window of temperature.  It's a combination of room temp and "you" temp.  But both of these temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit.

Had a stressful day?  Your body temp can rise.  Spicy food?  Rise.  Had a late workout at the gym and not properly cooled down?  Temperature rise.

Is the window in your room open tonight?  Is it 70 degrees? or 68? or 65?

Most department store duvets are good for a tiny little window of temperature range.  But our duvets are better over a much wider temperature range.  That way you're not kicking them off in the middle of the night because they've trapped too much heat.

Larger Investment?  Larger Levels Of Love

So typically the more you invest the larger the comfort zone your are going to receive.

And we're not saying that because we want you to spend frivolously.  Far from it.  We want you to be a happy client of ours for a very, very long time.  We want you to buy with confidence and know that you're going to make the best choice possible.

If you've got any questions you can reach out to us.  We're happy to talk, text or chat.  Whatever you need to make the right choice.