Goose Down vs. Duck Down: Which Is Better?

Lets just start by saying that the finest down in the world comes from a duck. Surprised?

If you're not "in the know" you may be led to believe that goose down is better than duck down across the board and that's not necessarily the case.

You wouldn't be completely wrong, but you wouldn't be completely correct either.

For down "snobs" it's easy to argue that goose down is better than duck down.  But to be completely honest...

it depends.

At The Great Canadian Down Company we believe that there is a wide variety of down available in this world that can make one heck of a duvet or pillow.  

How Is Goose Down And Duck Down Different?

The difference between goose and duck down.Well let's first talk about how Goose Down and Duck Down are the same.

They are both "plumules".  Plumule is a fancy word for cluster, otherwise described as a three dimensional fiber coming from a central quill.

Down from both geese and ducks are designed to insulate the bird from the cold and they are located between the body of the bird and the feathers.

Each down cluster on a bird has millions of tiny fibers to help trap air.  The more air a cluster of down can trap the higher the loft and the larger the comfort zone.

How Is Goose Down Different From Duck Down?

The biggest difference between down that comes from a goose and down that comes from a duck is that down from a goose is typically larger.  High quality goose down comes from mature birds that are quite large and therefore produce a larger down cluster.  

With a larger down cluster, typically comes a higher loft score that allows you to use less down to achieve the same insulating qualities.  Larger down clusters from reputable farmers are typically more expensive than similar down clusters from more sketchy producers.

In our line of duvets and pillows we only use duck down on our Canadian Duck Down Duvets and Pillows.  In our efforts to create a large selection of high quality products at different price points, it made sense to introduce the Canadian Duck Down on the lower end of our line to be able to have something that was a little less expensive but still high quality.

The Finest Down In The World Comes From A Duck!

This surprises a lot of people.  The Eider Duck is a large migratory waterfowl that lives in Iceland and Northern Canada.  It's down has evolved to act better than the finest goose down that the world has to offer.  

So in the case of the Eider Duck, the down that comes from this bird is superior in a number of ways.  It is also hand-harvested to be the most environmentally sensitive down duvet and pillow product in the world.

So What Should You Choose? Goose Down or Duck Down?

You may or may not purchase your duvet or pillow from us.  I'll start first by talking about our products, and then I will let you know about the common issues in the rest of the industry. That way you can be an informed decision maker no matter where you go.

In our line we have two Duck Down Duvet options:

The Canadian Duck Down Duvet and Pillow or,

The Eiderdown Duvet and Pillow

Those are our two duck down options.  The Canadian Duck Down Duvet is on the low end of the price spectrum and the Eiderdown Duvet is on the very high end of the scale.  Both come with all of our guarantee and you can be confident knowing that you are getting the highest quality that you can afford.

The rest of our duvets and pillows are all sourced from mature goose down, worldwide.

What If You Buy A Down Duvet Somewhere Else?

Well, I can't speak for all of the suppliers out there, but just know this as you shop:

Typically, duck down is cheaper than goose down.  If you suspect that your "goose" down duvet is pretty cheap, you might want to check the label and see if the contents on the label say "duck down" or "goose down".  By law, the contents need to be on that label, but they aren't always.

Duck down that is sourced from China has a bad history, as does goose down for that matter.

If the down rating on your duvet seems unusually high for the price on the tag? It's probably not what's in the duvet.

Our recommendation, if you just have to buy your duvet or pillow elsewhere, is to buy goose over down, and remember that you get what you pay for.

Now, if after reading all of that you'd like to get your duvet from us?  Click here.  We'd love to have you a part of The Great Canadian Down Company family.