Fun Thoughts We Think

In our cozy world called The Great Canadian Down Company some funny things happen.  And we think some funny thoughts.  And being Canadian we like to have some fun and share those funny thoughts whether you're too uptight to think they are funny or not.  

So here are some things we think are pretty funny. It's an expanding list with just a couple items on it now, but it grows a little bit every year.  Have some fun and check it out.

You Can't Sleep On A Cloud!

We don't think that ANY bedding mimics sleeping on a cloud.  Seriously.  The phrase "It's like sleeping on a cloud" is such a bogus claim that you'll never see it on our site.

The term "It's like sleeping on a cloud" has to be written by people with no clue about bedding and no creativity to write something else.  

Let's think about this for a moment...if you jumped out of a plane without a parachute to try and "sleep on a cloud" here's what would happen.  First, you'd get soaking wet because clouds are made out of water and you probably didn't bring your rain coat.  Second, because you were falling at terminal velocity in your pajamas you'd be FREEZING cold because you were wet from the cloud, oh, AND falling at terminal velocity.  Third:  While you were realizing that, "Hey, I guess you can't really sleep on a cloud." you'd be distracted for a moment as the Earth came rushing towards you.

And then you'd wonder if you would bounce or not. can't sleep on a cloud.  There is no bedding in the world that feels like sleeping on a cloud. You won't hear it here.  And if you hear it anywhere else you can now think of us.

Our Product Code For Our Loftiest Duvet

While you may not see it, internally our product code for the 1000 Loft Polish Goose Down Duvet is "MILDU" which we think is funny because it makes us think of "mildew" which is gross.  The duvet is not gross.

Also, guess what Hotel Fitted Sheets has for a product code?

"HOTFITSHE"  Giggles.

Our Growing List Of Rejected Duvet Names

1) From my lovely wife Michelle, "The Plucked".  

2) The Foie Gras. (You may need to look this up.)

We Liked This Joke About Bedding Someone Sent Us


They sold me a duvet cover, and I don't have a duvet, I don't think. Then, they started treating me like I'm the idiot. They're like, 'Do you have a comforter?' 'Yeah.' 'Well, you have to protect it!' I had no idea it was under attack.

Do You Have Something Funny About Bedding You'd Like To Send Us?

We hope you had some fun reading this list.  If you'd like to add to it just drop us a note in the contact form below.