About Us

Home is where the heart is.  Or the cozy duvet you miss :)

It all started when a boy met a girl on a plane.

You know the long walk you take when your seat is at the back of the plane and you're worried it's so far back it just might flush?

Well that was me getting on a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas where I was training for a comeback to the Winter Olympics.

As I waddled down the aisle with my carryon over one shoulder and my ticket in my hand, I looked up to see this gorgeous mop of red hair duck in a seat a few aisles away.

Could it be?  Is that gorgeous woman sitting in my row?  Couldn't be.  But I had the aisle seat and it looks like she's scooting into the window.  Damn.  With my luck some big hairy dude who smells will sit in the middle.

When they announced, "Flight attendants please prepare for departure."  My heart raced.

Turns out Michelle was a pretty nervous flyer and she probably would have talked to anyone on that flight, but little old me was the closest target and we struck up a conversation.  When she told me she was from Calgary, I nearly spit out my water.

So I Moved To Canada

Fast forward six months and I moved to Canada to be with the love of my life.  I left on September 10, 2001 with my life in my car, only to wake up in my car on September 11, 2001 with the world falling apart.  

It wasn't like going to Calgary was a big step for me.  In my Olympic life I had spent a lot of time there and the city was a second home to me and I'd always envisioned going back some day.  Now I had a great excuse but really didn't know if this whole "Michelle" thing would work out.

Turns out it did more than that and Calgary was quickly my new home as we settled in for a new life together.

Fast forward a few years and Michelle and I were itching for a challenge.  Wanting to be our own dog, so-to-speak, we started looking for businesses to buy.  Sick of working for the man, we knew we were smart enough to do something special. So...

We Bought a Bedding Store

It makes total sense that a former Olympian, and his more-than-talented wife, with her accounting and business background should buy a bedding store.  (Not to mention she was a heck of an interior designer!)  So we did it.  This little tiny, 1400 square foot store that sold fabric and bedding.  

Oh...and these really crappy synthetic down duvets.

What Do You Know About Fabric?

To a whole lot of people it seems weird that an Olympic athlete and an accountant would buy a bedding store, but to us it made a whole lot of sense.

My whole life I like the technical side of stuff.  It probably comes from my Olympic background of understanding how the tech in your life can improve you life.  So I always have been fascinated in those things.  Carbon fiber in mountain bikes.  Weaving techniques in fabric.  And then this down thing.

Couple that with my wife's ability to make rooms in your house gorgeous and I was thrown into this world of fabric, wallpaper, and these crappy synthetic duvets we were selling.  The whole business was cool.  And we wanted to grow it.

So we listened to our clients.  And when they wanted higher end bedding a more selection in fabrics, we brought those in.  But then there were these crappy duvet stories rolling in.

What The Stories Told Us.

Michelle was designing gorgeous custom duvet covers for our clients and we had duvets to sell them but they most likely bought them at department stores.  They would return with stories of spending a boat load of money on department store duvets only to be disappointed with what they bought.  

We would hear stories of people with allergies who bought "hypoallergenic" only to have allergy symptoms that were worse than before.  

We'd hear stories of people buying duvets that were too hot.  Too cold.  Duvets where the down would end up in the bottom of the duvet.  Story after story.

For Years We Looked For a Solution

Over the years we sold a number of brands of duvets only to find that they lacked one thing or another.  We wanted a brand that answered all the questions.  We wanted a duvet that was comfortable in different environments.  We wanted a duvet that didn't leak down all over the house when you changed the duvet cover.  

And we wanted a duvet so good that when you slept anywhere else other than the bed that had your duvet on it, you really wished you brought it with you.

We Love Them So Much That We Travel With Them

We love our duvets so much that we travel with them wherever we go.  In every suitcase we pack there is a portion of it devoted to our duvets AND our pillows.  And we know when you have one of our duvets that you're going to want to travel with it too.