Alpine Flat Sheet

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Choose from 100 beautiful colours to coordinate with absolutely anything you have in your bedroom currently.

300 Thread Count Giza Egyptian Cotton.  Sourced from the banks of the River Nile this is the finest cotton available worldwide.  Anything else is a compromise and not nearly as durable while being as luxurious as the cotton found in our Alpine Duvet Covers

Woven in Italy. The Italians are known for being the best in the world at taking raw cotton and weaving it into an incredibly soft fabric and that's why we source it from there.

Sateen fabric. Incredibly soft on the skin and gets softer and softer with multiple washings yet remains durable to last a lifetime with proper care.  Sateen is the perfect weave for a cozy bed.

Our Alpine Flat Sheets come with a 4" cuff across the top for a nice decorative touch when you make your bed.  The sizes listed below represent the final size after shrinkage that happens naturally with the first few washings.  We allocate 3% for shrinkage of your flat sheets with normal laundering. 

Twin: 70"x106"

Double: 84"x106"

Queen High Profile: 94"x110"

King: 106"x110"

King High Profile: 114"x116"

We love our hotel sheeting and the fact it comes in 100 colors

We recommend washing your Alpine Sheeting items with mild soap.  They are shipped oversized by 3% so  they will shrink slightly with the first few washings to fit your mattress perfectly and will fit our duvets perfectly.  

The key to drying our Alpine Sheeting products it to not dry them completely.  Cotton is a natural material and over drying will cause your sheets to become brittle.  Eventually they could pill when brittle sheets rub against other fabrics.

 The best way to dry your sheets is to take them out of the dryer when they are still slightly damp and to let them dry on the bed.  This will reduce wrinkling and will extend the life of your sheets. Be nice to your sheets.  Toss them gently in the dryer.  Give them a little heat.  Do not over-bake.  Kind of like a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies.  

Here are some more of our best tips for taking care of our sheeting products:

Don't overload the washer when washing our sheets and duvet covers.  Small loads are best.  Moderate sized loads are...ok.  But small loads are best.

If your washer has a "water saver" setting please do NOT use it.  The sheets need a certain amount of water so they have plenty of space in the pool to swish around without too much abrasion.

Use a mild temperature.  Not hot.  Definitely not hot. (Men, there is a setting on the machine for this!)

Mild soaps like Tide Free, Ivory or a Linen Wash are ideal.  Do NOT use bleaches OR fabric softener.

Did we mention don't use a fabric softener? We repeat, NO fabric softener.

If you are a sheet snob and like to iron your sheets be sure you iron them using the appropriate setting on the iron and while the fabric is still slightly damp.

Anti Wrinkle Tip:  If your washing machine spins like the Tazmanian Devil and your sheeting gets twisted like an oversized braided rope, it's best to unwind it before you put it in the dryer.  This will keep it far more wrinkle-free when it finally comes out of the dryer.  

We Want YOU To Prevent Unwanted Pilling:

Pilling occurs when the cotton fibers break and then ball up.  This is caused by a number of things and over the years we've seen and heard it all.  Pilling, unfortunately, is not a warranteeable occurance and is caused by the consumer.  So here are some do's and don't's when it comes to Pilling.

Do NOT use really intense soaps or bleaches.  And for God's sake please don't use Persil or Woolite.  (That's just crazy talk.)

Do your best to wash your sheets by themselves.  It's ok to wash them with other sheets.  But if you throw your sheets in the wash with your jeans, or a pair of boots (Seriously) they will rub the fabric and cause the cotton fibers to break. Use as much water as possible.

If you all of a sudden see white half moons on either side of your pillow, or the top cuff on your sheets, this was caused by your Acne medication or your anti-aging wrinkle cream, or possibly your deodorant.  Also, whitening toothpaste can also whiten...well...your sheets.

We highly recommend sleeping in the buff, but if you're going to wear pj's of any kind make sure they are a natural fabric and not something synthetic.  Surprisingly, synthetic pyjamas are the biggest culprit when it comes to pilling.

Scratchy feet anyone?  Men...scratchy feet are 1) unsexy and 2) like razors when it comes to quality sheeting.  They will cause your sheets to pill so invest in a pumice rock or go get a pedicure.  Seriously.

We know you’re just going to love these sheeting products.  If you would like to request a fabric swatch please contact us.  We’d be happy to send you one. 

All of our Alpine Duvet Covers are guaranteed against defects in workmanship for life.  If a seam goes, just contact us and we will make it right.  While we would like to cover everything, there are certain things that we just can't cover that are due to usage (and dare we say cats. dogs. kids).  For example, if your duvet cover gets a hole right in the middle of the fabric...well...we just don't see that really. Except once when our 5 year old daughter was doing a project on her bed and cut right through the duvet cover with her scissors. I know, Gasp! 

Rest assured that if the product fails, and it's our fault, we will fix it.  If it fails, and it's your fault, you better ask really really nicely. In fact, over the years, the client's we enjoy working with the most are those that bravely confess their mistake, and we work together to find a solution.

 And for goodness sake don't blame your husband!