The Imperial Genuine Eiderdown Duvet With Egyptian Cotton Ticking

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While the Farmers take their rest in these crude wooden shelters they can see them in the distance. They call them rafts.  You can see them off the blustery coastline floating in the ocean.  Hundreds of Eider Ducks.  They are huddled together to protect themselves from the cold wind and together they look like large brown rafts.

It’s ironic in an industry that praises the Goose as being the gold standard for down quality, the Eider duck is head and shoulders above any Goose Down in terms of performance and quality.

For thousands of years the Eider Duck has lived on the rocky outcropping of the coast of Canada, Iceland and Norway.  They pluck the down from their belly and line their nests to ensure the eggs of the newborns are protected.  

But in a place like this you’d think the down would get blown out of the nest and into the frigid northern winds.  But that’s what makes this down so special.  Over all those years the down of the Eider Duck has evolved to have tremendous “cling”.  The microscopic “hooks” of the down create incredible clusters that trap heat and link to one another so they can’t be blown away.

While the Eider Ducks are out in their “rafts” on the ocean, the farmers climb carefully to their nests so as not to disturb them.  Using only their hands the farmers pull just a fraction of the down that lines the nest in these special sanctuaries to create the incredible duvets we use today.

You can imagine the time and care it takes to harvest such a wonderful gift of nature.  This symbiotic relationship between farmer and bird has lasted for generations and we are blessed to be able to offer it to you.

This duvet comes in the following sizes:

Twin Size 72"x 88"

Queen Size 90"x 94"

Super Queen 100"x 100"

King Size 108"x94"

Super King Size 114"x 100"

Or if you need a custom size please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • The cover on your Eiderdown Duvet is 400 thread count cotton jacquard.
  • The fabric is imported from Germany.
  • It is piped in white satin cording which is completely unnecessary but really pretty.
  • If you are an engineer and care about these things it weighs 105 grams per square meter or 3.1 ounces per square yard.
  • The fabric is certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1

As you’ve already learned, 95% of our clients are perfectly happy in our Classic Weight.  This is an ideal, all-around weight that is optimal for most people.

We also have a Summer Weight that is great for people who sleep warm or who sleep in a warm environment. About 2.5% of our clients choose a Summer Weight as a year round duvet but many choose a Summer Weight if they have a summer cottage, etc.

Our Winter Weight is great for people who sleep cold or who sleep in a cold environment.

Keep in mind, we can always add down to a duvet we just can’t remove any.  So if you are unsure, choose the lighter weight duvet and then use it for a season.  If you need more down just send it back to us and we will add more down to your duvet.  We only charge you for the additional ounces of down and not the labor to add it so it’s a great option for you.

We use only the finest down proof fabrics the world has to offer.  Much of this comes from Germany right now because of their advanced “calendaring” process that renders the fabric down proof.

We finalize the construction of your duvet in Canada.

Our exclusive Full-Height Baffle Box Design ensures you get the full performance of the down unlike other companies who say they use a Baffle Box Construction that is not full height and compresses the down. Down needs to be allowed to expand in order for it to trap air and keep you comfortable.  Our Full Height Baffles ensure your investment is not wasted on an inferior product.

Corner Ties:  Every Great Canadian Down Company™ Duvet comes with ties on the corners so you can anchor the duvet into your duvet cover and it won’t shift.  A small touch that we feel is incredibly important.

Satin Cording:  So, this completely unnecessary performance feature is a beautiful touch. We take the Steve Jobs approach to our duvets and that is that it should look as beautiful in the places you can’t see as the places you can.

Custom Made:  Your duvet is custom made for your order and ships within two weeks typically.

Protect your investment and it will protect you.

Your duvet is machine washable however we don’t recommend washing your duvet unless it has become soiled.  Your duvet should always be in a Duvet Cover and we recommend one of our Duvet Protectors for an extra layer of protection.

You should fluff your duvet daily to ensure adequate air flow.  Hang it outside as the Europeans like to do every Sunday (unless it’s raining, then don’t...hang it the rain.  Did I really just have to mention that?)

Try not to compress your duvet for extended periods of time.  It is ok to use a stuff sack while travelling, we just don’t want you storing your duvet for a season in a small bag.  If you have a place to hang your duvet that is ideal, otherwise, keeping it in a large breathable bag is ideal.

This duvet comes with all of the Great Canadian Down Company™ Guarantees.

Lifetime Warrantee: against any defects in fabric or workmanship.  

Leak Proof:  The down in your duvet will not leak like most department store duvets that shed down every time you change the cover.

Dust Mite Proof:  The fabric your duvet is constructed of is so tightly cambered it is impenetrable to dust mites.

Shift Proof:  Your duvet is constructed with our exclusive baffle box design so the down will never shift over the life of the duvet.

Have you ever been to a department store and seen the rows of duvets trapped in those unsightly, plasticy containers?  

Yeah, ours don't come like that.

Down that is kept in a plastic container like those are breeding grounds for moisture and mould.  They are unsightly, bad for the environment, and most importantly really bad for your health.

That is why we custom make your duvet to order and are then shipped in our breathable compression bag. Our duvets usually ship in two to three weeks and we think it's worth the wait for you to have a duvet that is world-class.

When we receive your order your duvet goes into the pipeline.  We select the ticking that you ordered and then fill it fresh with fully lofted down.  It is only compressed for the trip to your home (where ever that is in the world).  When it arrives you only need to lay it on your bed for a few minutes and it will assume it's full loft.  

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