Why you shouldn't buy another department store duvet

It's common to buy a well priced duvet at a department store only to be disappointed because it's either too hot or too cold. Stories abound of the duvet that feels good for about long enough for you to fall asleep but then you kick it off in the middle of the night once you're too hot.

But what do the uninformed try to do to fix that? They go back and buy another duvet from the same department store!

Typically they won't buy the same brand but they look further down the shelf and buy another brand. and usually a more expensive one thinking that more money is better.

They might see the mid range brands and then see a designer brand and buy that one. But then they get disappointed again with the same result.

Why is that?

It's important to know that most of the duvets you see in  department store actually come from the same manufacturer. It's called "private labeling".  There's a major down and feather supplier in the Midwest that is responsible for private labeling most of the duvets you see on department store shelves. The way this works is they make duvets and pillows (sometimes with small differences in the down that's in the duvet or the pillow, but basically they're all the same) but they put labels on them. 

When clients by one of our duvets they're pleasantly surprised that the comfort zone is such a wide range, the quality is so high, they don't sneeze at night because their duvet is full of weird stuff that they are allergic to.

We had clients who swore that they were allergic to down duvets and pillows. These clients took us up on our sneeze proof guarantee and were pleasantly supply prize to learn that they were not in fact allergic to down but the stuff that resides in down was not properly cleaned.

So the next time you go to buy a duvet, whether you buy one from us or not, keep in mind that most of the duvets you see at the department store shelves or on TV are actually being made from the same manufacturer.