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Goose Down or Duck Down? Which is Better?

Which Is Better?  Goose Down or Duck Down? When it comes to choosing goose over duck, you may be surprised to know that the best down in the world comes from a duck. I put together a page to help our friends know just what to look for when it comes to goose and duck down.  While choosing either fill from us is an easy one, we know that you may choose to buy your down duvet and comforter from someone else.  And that's...ok (sniff) So check out the latest page at The Great Canadian Down Company:  Click here to read more.  

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Why "Scandinavian" Could Change Your Life

When I was travelling the world in my Olympic persuits I often shared a bed with a teammate.  (Purely platonic, I promise.) But we always had two duvets on the bed which I just thought was an arrangement they made for us because they knew we were sharing a room. Now whenever I was sleeping around with people in North America (Wait...that totally came out wrong.)  We invariably had one large duvet or blanket on the bed that covered both of us until morning.  I'd sleep great.  She'd be complaining that I stole all of the covers.     The Biggest Cause of Sleep Disturbance If I sat in a chair while you slept and tugged at your covers all night you...

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