So What Do You Mean When You Talk About "Comfort Zone"?

When clients look at the duvets that we sell, they see down that comes from all over the world and they see different price points but they're not always clear on what it actually means. Let me explain.

When you invest more money in one of our duvets you're basically buying a larger "comfort zone".

What this means is that your duvet will feel comfortable if the room is a little hotter than normal or a little cooler than normal. If you are a little hotter than normal or cooler than normal.

See it's very hard to keep the environment in your bedroom consistent. You may think that the thermostat says 20°C or 60°F but the truth is that YOU change.

Some days you may have been stressed out and your internal temperature is high. You may have had some spicy food. You may have worked out late and might be still little warm from your work out. Or you might've had a sleepover and gotten a little frisky with your newfound friend. Whatever it is these variations that happen can wreak havoc if that duvet doesn't have a really good comfort zone.

Now as will see from the graphic, a department store duvet has a very small range when it comes to this comfort zone. It's very narrow and that is why the duvet feels good for a while and then gets ghastly hot. Or you go to bed and you're freezing.

As you invest in a Great Canadian Down Company Duvet, the higher you go up the scale, the larger the comfort zone. So this means that your duvet is going to be comfortable in a wider range of temperatures both for the room you sleep in and for you.

If you have a question about what comfort zone is right for you, or you'd like more clarification on just what type of a sleeper you are and what you need,  give us a call, shoot us an email, we will be happy to answer any questions on which duvet is right for you.